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Experts Exchange Activity


Lately, I’ve been been a bit more active on Experts Exchange. I’ve been a member since 1998, but I’ve just recently become a little more active in answering questions. I’ve been writing more technical articles and posting them only on Experts Exchange to help build up their new Articles area. I re-posted my E-mail Delivery blog (with a few enhancements and tweaks), as well as four other articles:

5 Steps to Securing Your Web Application:

16 Tips to Improve E-mail Delivery:  (Experts-Exchange Approved!)

3 Ways to Speed up MySQL:  (Experts-Exchange Approved!)

IT 101: A Crash Course in RAM and Hard Drives:

6 Steps to Better Web Programming:

 I also reached “Guru” status in their PHP zone, so I’m now waiting for my PHP Guru t-shirt to arrive in the mail. I got a PHP Master t-shirt a while back. There’s nothing quite like free t-shirts!