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Lately, I’ve been been a bit more active on Experts Exchange. I’ve been a member since 1998, but I’ve just recently become a little more active in answering questions. I’ve been writing more technical articles and posting them only on Experts Exchange to help build up their new Articles area. I re-posted my E-mail Delivery blog (with a few enhancements and tweaks), as well as four other articles:

5 Steps to Securing Your Web Application:

16 Tips to Improve E-mail Delivery:  (Experts-Exchange Approved!)

3 Ways to Speed up MySQL:  (Experts-Exchange Approved!)

IT 101: A Crash Course in RAM and Hard Drives:

6 Steps to Better Web Programming:

 I also reached “Guru” status in their PHP zone, so I’m now waiting for my PHP Guru t-shirt to arrive in the mail. I got a PHP Master t-shirt a while back. There’s nothing quite like free t-shirts!

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  1. Congratulations on achieving Guru status in the PHP zone !

    As for the Articles you mention, have read some of them and genuinely impressed.

    Hope to see you continue to submit great Articles, and collect many more T-Shirts.

  2. I have really enjoyed the articles. Thanks for the time and thought you have put into them and contributing them to EE. It has been interesting to see what the members have contributed and your articles have been among the best I have seen so far. I look forward to more (if you can keep up the pace ;)).

    I know the “3 steps for MySQL” articles best but have bookmarked or made a note to go back and read in detail the “IT 101” and “6 steps articles” since my first, quick read made me want to get more by reading them more thoroughly.

    Good luck with getting the t-shirt (I have enjoyed mine) and the other nice rewards EE gives. Most of all I have enjoyed the challenges and chance to work on skills and knowledge that answering questions and participating there offers. Thanks again for the articles and contributions!

    Scott (EE member b0lsc0tt)

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